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EMU - Eastern Michigan University
EMU - Emulator
EMU - European Monetary Union
EMU - Eastern Mediterranean University (Turkey)
EMU - Economic and Monetary Union (Maastricht Treaty of 1992)
EMU - Eastern Mennonite University (Virginia)
EMU - Extravehicular Mobility Unit
EMU - Economische en Monetaire Unie (Dutch)
EMU - Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
EMU - Erb Memorial Union (University of Oregon)
EMU - Electromagnetic Unit(s)
EMU - EAP Method Update
EMU - European Monetary Unit
EMU - Environmental Monitoring Unit
EMU - Emergency Management Unit
EMU - Electrical Multiple Unit (electrically powered train)
EMU - Enhanced Mini-USB
EMU - Electron Microscopy Unit
EMU - Early Morning Urine
EMU - Emergency Medical Unit
EMU - Engine Monitoring Unit
EMU - Electronic Monitoring Unit
EMU - Extravehicular Maneuvering Unit
EMU - Electronic Music Umbrella
EMU - Emergency Medicine Update
EMU - Engineering Model Unit
EMU - Electrical Motor Unit (train locomotive)
EMU - Early Morning Update
EMU - Estimated Monthly Usage
EMU - Electromotive Unit
EMU - Evaluation, Mobility, Usability (Mobile Digital Commons Network)
EMU - Enterprise User and Import Management Utility
EMU - Enhanced Manpack UHF
EMU - Electronics Maintenance Unit (US Coast Guard)
EMU - Electron Mass Unit
EMU - Electric and Mechanical Unit
EMU - Electronic Mockup
EMU - European Mineralogical Union
EMU - electric multiple unit (railroad car setup)
EMU - Electronic Measuring Unit
EMU - Ekonomska in Monetarna Unija (Slovenian: Economic and Monetary Union; EU)
EMU - Experimentelle Musik und Kunst Universitat Ulm (German: Experimental Music and Arts University of Ulm; Ulm, Germany)
EMU - Extended Memory Unit

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